Kabaret premiered at IFFR, the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2023

An interactive VR-experience about coral’s synchronized reproduction and a lonely shrimp’s worries about the future.


Director, writer and designer: Gina Thorstensen

VR experience design, programmer and audio director: Milan Grajetzki

Programming, shading and 3D animation: Morten Andersen

Sound design and recording: Therese Næss Diesen

Music: Miracle Musical


Kabaret is an interactive VR experience about synchronized coral spawning, and a singing shrimp’s worries about the future. It’s a playful and explorative journey from the edge of our galaxy to the depths of our oceans. We strum out a chime on glowing phytoplankton, swim through a portal of seafood aspic – the titular “Kabaret”, a dish once popular in Norway – and are carried by the moon to a coral reef in mating season. But all is not well here. Can we help save the coral’s yearly spawning? Kabaret is part musical, part documentary and invites us to indulge our curiosity of the natural world, and reflect on our relationship to it.

Produced by:

Loddenland Studio

With support from:

Norsk filminstitutt

Kulturrådet – Fond for lyd og bilde

Viken Filmsenter


Den norske filmskolen

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Article about the project in NRK, Norwegian news channel:


Article about Fredrikstad IAF and Kabaret, in Animation World Network:


Where to experience Kabaret:

January 2023: International Film Festival Rotterdam. Netherlands

May 2023: Gabes Cinema Fen. Tunisia

May 2023: Qld XR Festival. Brisbane. Australia

August 2023: Den norske filmfestivalen. Haugesund. Norway

September 2023: Ottawa International Animation Festival. Canada

September 2023: FIVARS – Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories. Toronto, Canada

September 2023: Nagoya Cinema Week. Japan

September 2023: Festival du nouveau cinéma Montréal. Canada

October 2023: Kaohsiung Film Festival. Taiwan

October 2023: Fredrikstad Animation Festival. Norway

October 2023: Beyond the Frame Festival. Tokyo, Japan

November 2023: Geneva International Film Festival. Switzerland

November 2023: Animateka International Animation Festival. Ljubljana, Slovenia

November 2023: Next Reality. Hamburg, Germany

April 2024: Kaboom International Animation Festival. Netherlands