Kabaret VR-experience

Kabaret is a VR-experience under production. We are planning for a premiere in 2022.

Kabaret is an interactive VR experience about synchronized coral spawning, and a singing shrimp’s worries about the future. It’s a playful and explorative journey from the edge of our galaxy to the depths of our oceans. We swim trough a portal of seafood aspic – the titular “Kabaret”, a dish once popular in Norway – strum out a chime on glowing phytoplankton, and bring the light of the full moon to a dying coral reef. Kabaret is part musical, part documentary and invites us to indulge our curiosity of the natural world through touch, sight and sound.

Kabaret is Loddenland Studio’s first Virtual Reality production.

I created Loddenland in 2005 as a home for all the characters I made out of interesting materials I found on my way. Loddenland was shown in several small shows in Barcelona, but I wanted Loddenland to be a place where humans could also belong, eye to eye with the creatures. I made bigger and bigger puppets. They grew much bigger than myself and some could walk and one could sing. Even so, I was never fully satisfied with these installations. I wanted them to feel more alive. I think that’s why I ventured into Virtual Reality, with the desire of creating my own worlds where anything can happen and humans and other beings can connect.